College/Career Ready (% CCR)
KSDE has defined “college/career ready” as any student scoring in Level 3 or Level 4, according to the approved consolidated state education plan submitted to the U.S. Department of Education pursuant to the federal ESSA.

Total Enrollement
Enrollment numbers are those defined and reported as “Headcount” enrollment by KSDE as of November 2017. This number is commonly known as the number of students in attendance on September 20. Subsequent adjustments to enrollment are made pursuant to Article 51 72-5132(m) of Kansas Revised statutes.

Low Income Students
Low income is defined as those students who qualify for free or reduced lunch pursuant to the United State Department of Agriculture’s school lunch program. Those figures are reported by KSDE at the Data Central report generator and the same data is used in this analysis. By state statute those students who qualify for free lunch generate at-risk dollars given to the schools as part of their total state funding.

Data Limitations and Student Privacy
Some schools and/or student population subgroup assessment data may not be available due to student privacy rules set forth by KSDE. Any group or subgroup with a population less than 10 is not reported by KSDE.